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Corfu is an island which enchanted poets and...


The land of the ancient Molossians and Thesprotians...


Corfu is a beautiful island in the northwestern...


...opposite the Greek island of Corfu.The city’s built...


Natural beauty, historic and modern buildings come together...


Byzantine finds can be seen at the 'little...


It's the port which linked the East to...


Imposing landscapes of dazzling beauty!The city of Ioannina,...


...surrounded by beaches and rocky sand. The city...

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What is TPNM?

TPNM is a European financed program targeting to create a competitive tourist product from this area able to absorb a part of the mass upcoming tourist market in Europe arriving from China, Japan and Russia along with strengthening the relationship of the two countries, Albania and Greece.

The Tourism Promotion to New Markets project (TPNM) comes to address issues emanating from the difficulty of Cross Border (CBC) areas to increase their competitiveness as a common tourist product.

The current situation exhibits a lacking of an integrated tourism marketing strategy as there are many partial operations, sites/systems of limited capabilities and outdated technology, especially when one considers the recent shift of interest in social media and the wider use of mobile phones. Given the expansion of e-tourism market and the corresponding reduction of conventional distribution channels, the current situation requires immediate and concerted action to upgrade the electronic display, management and distribution of the tourism product.

The international practice and experience in marketing management of touristic destinations requires centralized management of information for each destination through advanced and technologically state of art portals that provide geo-localized information.

The project aims to unify the touristic product of the CBC area for increasing the visibility of its touristic potential and promote its attractiveness not only to domestic and EU markets but also to new touristic origins (Russia, Japan, China), while strengthening tourism business ties in both sides. To that end, five partners from Greece and Albania have joined forces to create the conditions of a unified touristic product of the cross border area, capable of stimulating touristic development.

The partners will develop an integrated web-based tourism platform which will host all the information about tourist attractions, activities and amenities of the area that nowadays is dispersed in various sites both CBC sides.  It will also incorporate a graphical presentation of monuments/interesting sites of the CBC area will use uploading on Google maps and extensive translation to languages of new tourist markets. It will also incorporate technology state of art tools, including applications for mobiles and social web media. For the best design and use of these instruments, a marketing media plan will be conducted.

In addition, business to business meetings (including targeted visits in Japan, China and Russia) will help to identify common opportunities-threats and to formulate a common strategy for the promotion of the touristic product of the area. In this dimension, having created a platform and strengthen from operational aspect, the touristic product of the area, the participation of partners to exhibitions will target to the attraction of tourists, especially from new markets. At the end of the TPNM the CBC area will have acquired an important tool integrating for the first time digitalization of all the existing sites, endorsed important synergies between tourism stakeholders for the development of a common touristic product, while it will enjoy a competitive advantage in penetrating in new markets-possible tourist origins.

Finally, the project’s objectives and results will be communicated through a strong communication plan, including newsletters, press releases and conferences held in both sides of the border.



Municipality of Corfu

The Municipality of Corfu stands in its present form since 2011 after 15 former municipalities had been merged. Today it is separated in 15 municipal units from which 12 have their headquarters in the island of Corfu and the rest in the smaller islands, Ereikoussa, Mathraki and Othonoi. The municipalities that are in the island of Corfu and are the following: Agios Georgios, Achilleio, Corfu (city), Esperies, Faiakes, Kassopaia, Korissia, Lefkimmi, Meliteieis, Palaiokastritsa, Parelioi, Thinali.

Geographically Corfu and its islands are the northern borders of Western Greece on the Ionian Sea, belonging to the Ionian Islands and are across Albania. Its population is 101.080 persons in 2011 and it is extended in 641 km2.


InnoPolis Organization

Interregional Centre for Inter-Regional Innovation & Competitiveness

InnoPolis' vision is to promote a holistic sustainable approach of innovation - both technological and social, in harmony with cultural values for the benefit of EU integration and Regional competitiveness.


BIC of Epirus

BIC of Epirus was founded at the end of 1996. Its funding, for the first 18 months, was partially (50%) through E.U. and 50% through Local Partners (non-profit organization).

The aim of Centre is: “The promotion of activities regarding a Development Centre for Innovative Enterprises, at no expense”. This aim is achieved through the provision of innovative services to local enterprises and bodies as well.

BIC of Epirus is a Full Member of the: EBN (European Business Network that numbers 150 full members and 77 collaborating members worldwide) & B2Europe.


Region of Vlore

The Region of Vlore includes the districts of Vlore, Saranda, Delvine. It has 26 communes and municipalities (7 municipalities and 19 communes).

The Region is extended in the southwestern part of Albania and is wetted by the Adriatic and Jon Sea. The Vlore district is the center of the region and also commerce, industry and many other intercommunication centers. The coastal zone of Vlore region is one of the most beautiful one with a rich history and a broken variety relief with its diversity of forms had directly influenced the climate and the sort of the tourism phenomena.


Albanian Tourism Association

ATA was founded in April 2008 to combat the lack of comprehensive, competent representation of the private tourism sector. To support the businesses of its members, ATA advocates favorable framework conditions and offers services to its members which should lead to high-quality products and tourism services, efficient business management by well-trained staff and, finally, to increased revenues.

Its vision is to become a competent, powerful association, the unique voice of the tourism industry which will be able to ensure favorable framework conditions for the private tourism sector and render effective services to its members who will improve the business outcome.

Its mission is to pool the restricted resources of the private tourism sector, will become a competent partner for the public sector in the tourism development, will monitor and contribute to this development, will increase public and administration awareness of tourism and advocate in the interest of the tourism industry.

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CORALE.EU is a part of TPNM European financed program targeting to create a competitive tourist product from this area able to absorb a part of the mass upcoming tourist market...

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