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Corfu is an island which enchanted poets and...


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Corfu is a beautiful island in the northwestern...


...opposite the Greek island of Corfu.The city’s built...


Natural beauty, historic and modern buildings come together...


Byzantine finds can be seen at the 'little...


It's the port which linked the East to...


Imposing landscapes of dazzling beauty!The city of Ioannina,...


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Why visit Corfu Island - Greece

Corfu is a beautiful island in the northwestern part of Greece opposite Epirus and Albania at the entrance of the Adriatic sea.

The island of Corfu was mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey as the kingdom of the Phaeacians, and in particular in Odyssey’s wanderings after the Trojan War until he reached his homeland, the island of Ithaca.

Corfu played a significant role in the events and politics of western Greece during ancient times. During the Roman and Byzantine Empire the Island served as an important administrative, economic, military and commercial centre.

During the Ottoman period in Greece, Corfu was under occupied and under the protection of powerful large western powers, namely the Venetians, and latter for short periods the French, Russians and English, all of whom valued the island’s geopolitical and geo-economic importance. The result of all this was for Corfu to remain to this day strongly influenced by a western presence. This is especially with the Venetians who occupied the island for 532 years and the British for 50 years.

There are many architectural and cultural monuments left by this Western presence and which help shape the local character. Examples include the Old City, which is designated as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

But beyond the history and architecture of the old city of Corfu, we can state that this beautiful island has many lovely beaches, most of which have been designated as "Blue Flag", which are located next to lush vegetation and besides many picturesque villages.
From 1965 Corfu experienced a great tourist boom with many tourist businesses locating to cater for the tastes and demands of all kinds of tourists
The lush island is literally a challenge and an invitation to explore. A weekend is a very short time to get to know the island, therefore it is suggested at least one week to meet and to find out its secrets and surprises of this earthly paradise.
We are expecting you ...!

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