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Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:10


Monolithi is famous for the cool blue waters of the Ionian. A number of organized canteens alongside the beach cater to every need of the visitor. An organized beach with sunbeds, lifeguard posts and beach volley courts. The beach stretches for several kilometers along the green forest, while the waters are considered deep, with small waves appearing in the afternoon.

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  • Latitude 39.04592
  • Longitude 20.70652
Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:06


It is actually the continuation of the beach of Kanali. It is an organized beach with the suitable infrastructure for water sports (parasailing, kite-surfing, sailing). The beach is accessible by road, in a private car or a bus, and by boat. The waters are mainly shallow and the usual wind strength is a mild breeze

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  • Latitude 39.093697
  • Longitude 20.65208
Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:05


One of the most beautiful beaches of Parga, after Agia village. You can also get there by boat from the Pier of Parga. Clear blue waters and a gorgeous olive grove create a unique scenery. Swimming, riding a sea bicycle and canoeing, but also fishing and diving in order to observe the seabed, are only a few of the things that one can do here.

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  • Latitude 39.287911
  • Longitude 20.3391055
Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:04


Maybe one of the most beautiful and cleanest sandy beaches of picturesque Parga. The beach is surrounded by a green scenery. It is surrounded by the green of the mountain and the olive groves of Parga, which together with the blue and crystalline waters make it one of the most favorite and special beaches of Parga. The visitor can enjoy many water sports, while around it there are hotels, rooms to rent, picturesque taverns and mini markets.

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  • Latitude 39.281525
  • Longitude 20.43635
Thursday, 16 October 2014 09:02


Valtos is famous for its sandy beach and is justly considered the diamond of Parga. It is the largest beach of Parga, with a coastline approaching 3 km. It is exactly below the impressive rock on which the castle of Parga is built, in the rear part. The clear calm waters and the short distance from Parga are the reasons for attracting crowds of swimmers. It is covered by sand and pebbles and is relatively safe, as it is surrounded by the bay of Parga castle and the bay of Panagia Vlacherna. Finally, the visitor can enjoy many water sports, while there are many hotels, rooms to rent, picturesque taverns and mini markets around.

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  • Latitude 39.28475
  • Longitude 20.390111
Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:43

Vrachos - Loutsa

One of the most impressive beaches of Preveza Region, but also of the whole of Greece. The combination of the green vegetation, the golden sand and the blue-green waters leaves the best impression and prepares the visitor for an unforgettable escape. Its total length is 6 km. of continuous sand, and because of its short distance from Preveza and Parga it is considered one of the most popular destinations during the summer months. The waters are mainly shallow in the part close to Loutsa, which makes it ideal for families and children

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  • Latitude 39.189591
  • Longitude 20.530786
Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:41


Among the most beautiful beaches of Preveza Region with crystalline transparent waters and small pebbles surrounded by rocks in a green landscape. The Nekromanteio is very close.

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  • Latitude 39.20603
  • Longitude 20.50545
Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:39

Bunda Monastery

Near Chochlia village there is the active women’s monastery of Bunda, dedicated to Agia Paraskevi. According to tradition, the Saint was martyred here and not in Rome. Her pursuers dragged her to the bank of Acherousian Lake. When the killing sword was lifted over her head, she grabbed a stone pole in front of her with such force that she melted it, leaving indelible marks on it. The faithful built her head into the wall of the church erected at the place of her martyrdom. Agia Paraskevi of Bunda was famous for its thermal spring water and its countless miracles. The tomb of Agia Paraskevi with the relevant inscription can be visited.

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  • Latitude 39.23199
  • Longitude 20.57338
Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:36


After two demolitions, the Venetians rebuilt in 1792 the castle of Parga which - thanks to its natural fortification, but also to the integrity of its design - will remain unconquered until 1819, despite attacks, mainly from Ali Pasha of Ioannina (1788-1822). After the sale of Parga to the Turks, Ali further fortified it and he even installed at the top his harem and hammam, completely reforming the area of the fortification bailey.

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  • Latitude 39.282777
  • Longitude 20.3975
Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:34

Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis

The building of the new museum is located at the entrance of the town of Preveza. The museum exhibition is exclusively based on the findings of the archaeological site of Nicopolis and not on the collection of a large area, which largely determines the central idea. Therefore, one of the primary factors is the connection of the Exhibition and the Museum with the archaeological site of Nicopolis. The visitor constantly bears in mind the picture of the area and in this way a better understanding of the exhibition is achieved, irrespective of whether the visit to the archaeological site occurs before or after. In this framework, the majestic Roman Nicopolis is exhibited as the city-symbol of a monumental victory, established to showcase the power of Octavian Augustus. At the same time, the early Christian city is presented, which has changed with the collapse of the Roman frontiers, the transfer of the capital of the Empire from the West to the East and the prevalence of Christianity; it is reformed during the Early Christian period and recovers its majestic nature, constituting a key religious and administrative center.

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  • Latitude 38.992
  • Longitude 20.740369
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