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Archaeological (3)

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Thursday, 16 October 2014 08:34

Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis

The building of the new museum is located at the entrance of the town of Preveza. The museum exhibition is exclusively based on the findings of the archaeological site of Nicopolis and not on the collection of a large area, which largely determines the central idea. Therefore, one of the primary factors is the connection of the Exhibition and the Museum with the archaeological site of Nicopolis. The visitor constantly bears in mind the picture of the area and in this way a better understanding of the exhibition is achieved, irrespective of whether the visit to the archaeological site occurs before or after. In this framework, the majestic Roman Nicopolis is exhibited as the city-symbol of a monumental victory, established to showcase the power of Octavian Augustus. At the same time, the early Christian city is presented, which has changed with the collapse of the Roman frontiers, the transfer of the capital of the Empire from the West to the East and the prevalence of Christianity; it is reformed during the Early Christian period and recovers its majestic nature, constituting a key religious and administrative center.

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  • Latitude 38.992
  • Longitude 20.740369
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 22:05

Archaeological Museum of Arta

Located at a small distance from the famous bridge of the city, it is housed in a new building and was inaugurated in Autumn 2009. It includes a great collection of ancient objects chronologically covering a big period, from the Paleolithic Age to the Roman times. Most of the exhibits, the most significant ones, date back to the Classical times and originate from Amvrakia, a Corinthian settlement built in the same location with today’s Arta. The exhibition includes vessels, coins, tombstones, figurines, jewelry, etc and is structured into three major sections. The first section exhibits objects related to the public life of the residents of Amvrakia; the second includes exhibits from its ancient cemeteries; and the third is related to the residents’ private life. Texts and other visual material accompany the exhibits giving important information about the ancient city. Furthermore, of great interest are the educational programs of the Museum for the students so that they can better learn the local history.

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  • Latitude 39.149429
  • Longitude 20.979277
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 21:51

Archaeological Museum of Ioannina

It is located in a prominent position on the hill called Litharitsia, in the center of the city of Ioannina. The collections of the Archaeological Museum are displayed in seven halls, the central aisle and three atria, covering a total area of 1,200 square meters. Exhibits cover a wide time span, from the first appearance of humans in Epirus during the Lower Palaeolithic, 250,000 years ago, to late antiquity in late Roman times (3rd century AD). Great emphasis is laid on the artifacts from the sanctuary of Dodona, which are exhibited in a hall devoted to one of the greatest sanctuaries of the Greek world. The new permanent exhibition retains the Panepirotic dimension of the old one and contains approximately 3,000 artifacts from all over Epirus. It is structured around three different axes: chronological, geographical and thematic. These interwined axes underpin the museum’s narrative in an attempt to highlight the area’s distinct character and history during antiquity.

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  • Latitude 39.666028
  • Longitude 20.855772

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