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Corfu is a beautiful island in the northwestern...


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Wednesday, 15 October 2014 20:22

Island of Pamvotida

The island is situated in the middle of the lake, covering a stone extension of 0,2 square kilometers. The island is surrounded by larches and a dense reed where it is located a stone settlement. The island was inhabited from people of Mani after 1615. Today, the residents are providing touristic services. From the 13th century the Island was an important monastic center and it flourished during the ottoman occupation.

Additional Info

  • Latitude 39.681684
  • Longitude 20.873231
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 20:16

Vikos Gorge

In the heart of the National Forest of Vikos-Aoos, it is located the gorge of Vikos, one of the biggest in-depth - it reaches the 1200 m. - and more narrow in width gorges in the world. The river Vikos passes through the gorge and it meets the river Voidomatis under the village Vikos. It is a natural shelter of all kinds of wild life, it offers a rich variety of flowers and herbs, some of them do not sprout elsewhere in the world.

Additional Info

  • Latitude 39.907044
  • Longitude 20.75345
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 20:14

Aoos River - Aoos Gorge

In ancient times, the Aoos River was named Aias or Araoua and its residents Paravaioi. Under the name Aooi certain Dorian tribes worshipped certain solar deities. Between Timfi and Smolika, Aoos opens way through the magnificent gorge. Big bents, steep slopes, age-long trees, transparent waters, a waterfall in the height of the Monastery of Stomio, rare biodiversity. It is monument of nature that is protected by the national and the international legislation. It belongs to the national park of Vikos-Aoos.

Additional Info

  • Latitude 39.9029
  • Longitude 21.0631
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 13:17

Sources of Acheron River

The plain of Acheron river was according to Mythology the place where the souls of the dead resided. The river was the way by which Charon drove the souls into the Acherousian Lake, in the deep of which there was the Kingdom of Hades. 

Additional Info

  • Latitude 39.327792
  • Longitude 20.619536
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 13:12

Kalamas Delta

The Delta was created by Kalamas river at the point of its estuary in the Ionian, during its centuries-long course through Thesprotia. The Delta is contained in the triangle Igoumenitsa – Ragio – Sagiada. 

Additional Info

  • Latitude 39.586667
  • Longitude 20.142222

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